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Giving Back to Our Heroes

Giving Back to Our Heroes

After a troubling year of fighting a battle which no one was ready for, we feel like it is time to give back to our silent heroes. All front liners have put us ahead of themselves and we want to thank them by giving something back and doing our part.

We have decided to offer our own FREE delivery all around Malta, offering a 25% discount on our delicious grub to anyone who orders to select front liner locations. These include all police stations, hospitals, old peoples’ centers, fire stations, test centers and more.

We want our heroes to be fed and happy after long hours of helping and saving lives. If you are a front-liner or know a front-liner – book your delivery now to any of the select locations to benefit from the offer.

The Planet Hollywood delivery can also be ordered to other locations but these will not benefit from our Giving Back to Our Heroes offer.

Once again, a huge, Hollywood-worthy THANK YOU goes out to all our heroes, who in the last few months have acted so selflessly and courageously!