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Kitchen Supervisor

Kitchen Supervisor

Published on: 15th March 2019

Job Status:

Reports to: Executive Chef

Position Summary

Responsible to the Executive Chef and Sous Chef for overall food operations and directly supervises the hourly kitchen staff during either day/night hours.


Essential Functions Statement(s)
The following list is not inclusive of additional responsibilities that may be requested by the Executive Chef.
  • Compile and balance cash receipts at the end of the day or shift.
  • Resolve guest complaints regarding food service.
  • Train workers in food preparation, and in service, sanitation, and safety procedures.
  • Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure efficient service and conformance to standards.
  • Control inventories of food, equipment, small ware, and liquor, and report shortages to designated personnel.
  • Observe and evaluate workers and work procedures in order to ensure quality standards and service.
  • Assign duties, responsibilities, and work stations to employees in accordance with work requirements.
  • Analyze operational problems, such as theft and wastage, and establish procedures to alleviate these problems.
  • Specify food portions and courses, production and time sequences, and workstation and equipment arrangements.
  • Forecast staff, equipment, and supply requirements based on a master menu.
  • Perform serving duties such as carving meat, preparing flammable dishes, or serving wine and liquor.
  • Record production and operational data on specified forms.
  • Purchase or requisition supplies and equipment needed to ensure quality and timely delivery of services.
  • Collaborate with other personnel in order to plan menus, serving arrangements, and related details.
  • Schedule parties and take reservations.
  • Develop departmental objectives, budgets, policies, procedures, and strategies.
  • Develop equipment maintenance schedules and arrange for repairs.
  • Evaluate new products for usefulness and suitability.


Competency Statement(s)
  • Working Under Pressure – Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations.
  • Resource Management (People & Equipment) – Ability to obtain and appropriate the proper usage of equipment, facilities, materials, as well as personnel.
  • Leadership – Ability to influence others to perform their jobs effectively and to be responsible for making decisions.
  • Decision Making – Ability to make critical decisions while following company procedures.
  • Communication, Written – Ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.
  • Communication, Oral – Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word.

Skills, Abilities & Experience

  • Experience: Six months to one-year related experience.
Work Environment
  • Kitchen and Restaurant

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